Tuesday, June 28, 2016

సుబ్రహ్మణ్యం అంతే..సుబ్రహ్మణ్యం అంతే !


Madhav Kandalie said...

ఉన్నట్లుండి ఆర్ధిక మంత్రి ఐపోవాలనే ఈ పాట్లన్నీ పడుతున్నట్లున్నారు స్వామి వారు..

venkatram said...

Niharika Garu,

You are also writing articles on Politicians!!!

May be Sri Subramanya Swamy is very controversial tried to get the post of Finance Minister and want to settle with Mr. Arun Jaitle.

We have to give respect for his expertise (Commenting Kobbari Chippala Cadre etc..) as he is one of Top scholar in Economics all over world. Only disadvantage is his mentality is like personality of Telugu Popular Film dialogue ("Sitaiah Every Mata Vinadu").

Some information about Sri Swamy and Wikipedia link is below.

Swamy has served as a member of the Planning Commission of India and was a Cabinet Minister in the Chandra Shekhar government. In 1978, Swamy was member of the Group of Eminent persons called to Geneva to prepare a report of the United Nations (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development - UNCTAD) on Economic Co-operation between Developing countries (ECDC). Swamy also simplified trade procedures and formulated a new export strategy which became the forerunner of trade reform adopted subsequently. In 1994, Swamy was appointed as Chairman of the Commission on Labour Standards and International Trade by then PM P.V. Narasimha Rao.


నీహారిక said...


మరణాంతాని వైరాణి నిర్వృత్తంనః ప్రయోజనమ్
క్రియతామ్ అస్య సంస్కారో మమాఽప్యేష యద్థాతవః
వ్యక్తులు జీవించి యున్నవరకే వైరములుండాలి. వ్యక్తులు మరణించిన తరవాత వైరం ఉండకూడదు.

పై వాక్యాలు కొబ్బరి చిప్పల కేడర్ కి చెందినవాళ్ళే వ్రాస్తారు,మళ్ళీ వాళ్ళే ఇందిరా గాంధీని విమర్శిస్తారు.ఇందిర ఎలాంటివారైనా నాకు ఆదర్శం.వాళ్ళెంత గొప్పవాళ్ళయినా ఇందిరని విమర్శిస్తే నేను ఇలాగే వ్రాస్తాను.ధన్యవాదాలు !

venkatram said...

Niharka Garu,

Thank you for your reply.

Mrs. Indira Gandhi was PM of India. She had credited some positive (War with Pakistan and creating of Bangladesh) and negative (Emergency).

Even Mahatma Gandhi was criticized (Participated the internal war of South Africa and supported British). As they are in Public Life it is natural, of course Subramanya Swamy is also public figure. Even Raghuram Rajan RBI Governor do not used bad language against Swamy.

I hate Sir William Jones due to wrong identification of Chandra Gupta Mourya with Sandrocottos of Greek Historians, the whole world History is in dilemma and is in problems. For example: Wrong highlight of Greeks (Persian History supressed badly. How can their civilization suddenly developed? There is no civilization in the Greece before that and certainly they had adopted other countries scholarship and in indiviual it may take at least one thousand years) Kushan Rulers - there are 20 Kings and 4 Kaniska/Kaneskis, so Central Asian Historians are in fix.

It does not mean that William Jones be criticized with bad words?

Any how "Sitaiah / Sittama everimata Vinadu"

నీహారిక said...

Everyone has their own perception, I read Wiliam Jones personality in the following poem :

What Constitutes a State.

What constitutes a state?
Not high-raised battlement or labored mound,
Thick wall or moated gate;
Not cities proud with spires and turrets crowned;
Not bays and broad-armed ports,
Where, laughing at the storm, rich navies ride;
Not starred and spangled courts,
Where low-browed baseness wafts perfume to pride.
No:—men, high-minded men,
With powers as far above dull brutes endued
In forest, brake, or den,
As beasts excel cold rocks and brambles rude,—
Men who their duties know,
But know their rights, and, knowing, dare maintain,
Prevent the long-aimed blow,
And crush the tyrant while they rend the chain;
These constitute a State;
And sovereign law, that State’s collected will,
O’er thrones and globes elate
Sits empress, crowning good, repressing ill.
Smit by her sacred frown,
The fiend, Dissension, like a vapor sinks;
And e’en the all-dazzling crown
Hides his faint rays, and at her bidding shrinks.
Such was this heaven-loved isle,
Than Lesbos fairer and the Cretan shore!
No more shall freedom smile?
Shall Britons languish, and be men no more?
Since all must life resign,
Those sweet rewards which decorate the brave
’T is folly to decline,
And steal inglorious to the silent grave.

Sir William Jones

venkatram said...


I also like his hard work in the field of Indology (But the late 18th and 19th century European scholars strong belief in the theory of Bible that world culture starts in 4000 BCE!!) of course our Historians blindly followed even after 65 years after Indian Independence and the result is we are still studying the Aryan Invasion theory.

Recent studies found that Indus valley civilization dates back to 8000 to 10,000 years old!!.

1) http://scroll.in/latest/808978/indus-era-dates-back-further-than-thought-older-than-egypt-mesopotamia-iit-asi-scientists

2) http://qz.com/694925/the-indus-valley-civilisation-is-2500-years-older-than-previously-believed/

3) http://www.nature.com/articles/srep26555

Next year on wards the real discussions of Indian History will start.

New Twist is that China is also slowly accepting the influence of Indian culture (Already Japan and Korea Govt. directly announced, earlier it is thought that Buddhism was first adopted religion and followed others but as a lot of Hindu God statues found, the Chinese also changed their ideology and indirectly supports the Indian cultural migration).

నీహారిక said...

I have great respect in our culture and treditions with my own perceptions. I don't respect the BJP leaders because of their behavior.

Rahul said...

.ఇందిర ఎలాంటివారైనా నాకు ఆదర్శం.వాళ్ళెంత గొప్పవాళ్ళయినా ఇందిరని విమర్శిస్తే ""నేను ఇలాగే వ్రాస్తాను"".ధన్యవాదాలు !


venkatram said...

Niharika Garu

BJP has majority and whether we like or not they will complete this term and depends on their good governance whether they come to power or not.

I am enclosing some web links regarding influence of our Indian culture to other countries and we are the only one country achieved without war!!!

1) Indian Gods worshiped in Japan : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WaenzbSJwk&feature=youtu.be

2) Interesting article about New Zealand & Paracas Trident in Peru – Ramayana Connection - http://www.booksfact.com/archeology/new-zealand-paracas-trident-in-peru-ramayana-connection.html

3) Yin and Yang of China originated from India (Martial arts also taught by Indians - by Bodhisatva, the prince of Kanchi). http://www.sanskritimagazine.com/indian-religions/hinduism/yin-yang-originated-india-hindu-connection/

4) Vedic Discoveries: Krsna and Balarama in Greece — Dionysus — Herakles: http://archaeologyonline.net/artifacts/vedic-discoveries & http://experiencehinduism.com/interesting-stories/heracles-derived-from-krishna

5) Siva Linga in Rome; http://bharatuntoldstory.tumblr.com/post/75238094234/siva-linga-at-gregorian-etruscan-museum-vatican

There is no need to tell about Afganistan, Indonesia, Kambodia etc..

నీహారిక said...


Why are you giving me those links and teaching me about our culture. What is the connection between BJP and our culture ? They used our puranas and poured it in tungabhadra water.Don't beleive that they are going to worship our Gods. Come on wake up soon !May God Bless you !

venkatram said...

Niharika Garu,

Please study the above and no where I mentioned that there is a link between BJP with the above sites are not forcing to support BJP.

In earlier comment you mentioned BJP so in reply wrote that they are elected and let them rule until their term completes. I am neither belongs to BJP nor its allies and interested in our traditional history & culture.

As you wrote you are also interested in our Indian culture so gave the above links. If you are not interested no problem. Sorry for giving the above links which are not at all related to your topic.

Please note that I am not comfort in Telugu typing (Telugu was a subject up to Degree but not used after my studies due to working in other states) so writing in English.

Anonymous said...

BJP vaari chittasuddi sri rama navami selavu vishayam lone telustundi. It is not a Nationa Holiday. Aa panduga vaallaku kevalam ramudi peru meeda pabbam gadupukune avasaram maatrame. Ala ani congress yedo pativrata ani kaadu. Vaallinkaa vedhavannara vedhavalu.